Add ability to complete a test list automatically.

Issue #433 open
Randle Taylor created an issue

It would be useful to be able to set up a test list consisting of composite/string composite tests to run automatically on a predefined schedule. For example, a test list that pulled data from an external API once a day.

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  1. Marc Chamberland


    Now that makes me think…. can you use the QATrack+ API from a composite calculation?

    What I’m thinking of is a test list for completing all the imaging-related test lists that are due. It would be a composite calculation that:

    1. Check which imaging test lists are due.
    2. Then queries / pulls data from an external API (a cloud PACS where our QC images are stored).
    3. Uploads the images and performs all relevant imaging test lists. For example, if the Leeds and Las Vegas tests are due, it would perform each of these test lists.

    I’m currently working on an external Python script / module to do exactly this, but if I can fold in the QATrack+ part within QATrack+ itself and have it run on a schedule, it would make my life so much easier.

  2. Randle Taylor reporter

    @Marc Chamberland Yes, you could use the API from a composite calculation. However, that makes me think that it would be better to be able to invert this issue a bit. Instead of scheduling test lists to be completed automatically periodically with a composite calculation pulling in data from an API, we could have a feature where you create standalone scripts in QATrack+. Then you could write a script to download data from a 3rd party API and use the QATrack+ API to complete test lists. These scripts could be run on-demand, on a regular schedule, or as a post-submit hook (issue #303).

  3. Marc Chamberland

    That sounds great to me! Since I’m knee deep in API and Python stuff right now, this gets my vote as high priority.

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