Add badge on Service Log lists

Issue #454 resolved
Marc Chamberland created an issue

There is a badge on some items on the homepage that indicates how many items are in that list. For example, the badge on “View QC data awaiting review” indicates how many test lists need to be reviewed.

Can we have the same for the Service Log lists? In particular, for both “View all incomplete RTS QC” and “View unreviewed RTS QC”?

Also, in the menu bar at the top, under Service Log, there is “Service events needing review”, with a badge. Can we have that on the homepage, under Service Log?

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  1. Marc Chamberland reporter

    @Randle Taylor Missed one spot: can we have a little badge besides “Service Log” in the top menu bar, similar to “Review Data”?

  2. Randle Taylor

    @Marc Chamberland Sure! You want the number of service events needing review there right? I also just noticed today that a badge for Service Events Pending in the Service Log menu would be useful.

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