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Thomas Guiot created an issue


just installed v0.3.1 on our test server. I have a few comments regarding the doc:

  • this section : https://docs.qatrackplus.com/en/0.3.1/install/linux.html#checking-out-version-0-3-1 says to do a git checkout v0.3.0.15 but I assume this should be git checkout v0.3.1
  • Python version needs to be at least 3.6 for the module “black” to work. In my case, installing on a Debian 9, I had to upgrade first to Debian 10, because 9 only has Python 3.5. On Debian 10, I have python 3.7. Or there might be a way to force-install black on python < 3.6 but I don’t know how.
  • For reports i had to change two things:

    • because of my having Debian, the CHROME_PATH is 'usr/bin/chromium'
    • I think correct rights have to be applied to the folder ‘web/qatrackplus/qatrack/media/reports’. I have been lazy, I did a sudo chmod -R 777 media to fix it. but probably a finer control could be set.



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  1. Randle Taylor

    Thanks Thomas! I appreciate all these notes and will make sure to address them when I update the docs before releasing 0.3.1.

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