0.3.1: displayed path in admin page still showing "QA" instead of "QC"

Issue #489 open
Thomas Guiot created an issue

Very trivial, but at some places when editing a test, test list, tolerance, etc. the path displayed still shows Qa instead of QC. For instance I have this displayed:

Home › Qa › Set References & Tolerances › UnitTestInfo(222)

but if I come back one step, it’s this:

Home › QC › Set References & Tolerances

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Yes thanks for filing an issue about this. Everytime I notice that I get annoyed, but then get distracted by other issues before I fix it!

  2. Randle Taylor

    Fixed the breadcrumbs in 5773f20a4a . I think the last thing to address would be the actual urls which still show 'qa'. I started addressing this in 0.3.1_qa_to_qc_urls_admin but not sure what the best way to approach that is.

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