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Thomas Guiot created an issue


a proposition for a rather minor improvement: use the id attribute in some of the html fields

we’ve beginning to use javascript in the test lists so that we can change the test name dynamically so that it appears different for each machine (while the test list itself or test names are unchanged so that any python code is not affected, and things are defined only once).

While studying the html structure of test lists, I realized that very few html elements use the id attribute, which is very useful in DOM modification through javascript. I managed to get it working by browsing elements with getElementsByClassname, and doing some recursion on those elements. But if it had been possible to use getElementById instead, that would have been much easier.



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  1. Thomas Guiot reporter

    another possibility, totally different, is to have the possibility to give a different name to each test or test list when assigned to a specific unit.

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