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jason_yan created an issue

for our daily QA, instead of using the Test List Cycle, we decided to use a more flexible way, i.e. the morning QA person will bring up his/her own combinations of a few QA subsets.

For example, day one to day four, we combine Daily General + Jig Output, while on day five, we combine category Daily General + DQA Output, and/or Daily General + Weekly/ad-hoc. The goodness of implementing this way is more flexibility, for example, if the output of 6MV only in Jig Output is not good, we may need to do 6MV tests only in DQA Output, then we can combine Daily General+Jig Output+DQA Output, and skip some tests.

Anyway, the only issue is, the order of the categories shown on the top-left corner of the screen is in alphabetical order. It will be great if I can re-arrange the order so that it appears more intuitive to therapists, even better, I would like the "Show All" to be disappeared, coz we rarely want to view all. Every day's QA is just a combination of a few categories but not all.

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  1. jason_yan reporter

    oh, I just found out that the order is not ordered in alphabetical order, but the order when the categories are created. So maybe just allow user to be able to drag and re-arrange the order in the Category page will solve the problem? Thanks.

  2. jason_yan reporter

    alternatively, if I can put the "View all" to the last one in the list, that will be great as well. It's not really necessary to remove it from the list.

  3. Randle Taylor

    Hi Jason,

    I should be able to make the categories orderable in a future release.

    I will consider removing or re-positioning the Show All option but currently my personal preference is to have it in it's current position. I'd be interested to hear others opinions on this.

  4. jason_yan reporter

    I tried to put all my tests into a TEMP category, then deleted all the categories, and created them in the order I want, then re-assign back all the tests to their correct categories. It seems to be the order displayed in the upper-left corner of the interface is still in random pattern. And, while I am assigning the tests into different categories and refresh the interface, the display order of categories just changes with its own mind without any pattern to follow.

    The display order is kind of important for us, coz every morning the very first thing to do for the morning QA person is to determine which two or three categories (out of five) to combine for that day's QA. I am wondering that is there an easy way that I can modify some code on the server to change the display order? If it's hard, then forget it, we will just live with it for now. Thanks!

  5. Randle Taylor

    It's too late for the 0.2.7 release (out next week) to make the categories explicitly orderable, but as a workaround I will make the categories ordered by their names (this doesn't require any database changes). You can then prefix your category names with 1., 2., 3. or a) b) c) etc and they will show up in your desired order. Will that work for you?

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