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jason_yan created an issue

we kind of have a few questions on the History display on the major QA interface.

1) how does the system determine the # of days of history to be displayed? If you narrow the window or the PC screen is too small, will the # of days displayed be auto adjusted?

2) our engineer think the History is a very nice function for helping them tracking weekly trend. So is it possible to fix the # of days to be five (a week)? and if one day the QA was skipped, then only four days history will be displayed.

3) would it be possible to put two arrows in the left side and right side of the column head, and by clicking on one of the two arrows, you can navigate further back in history? say, one click bring the viewing window one day more back. Or even better, a lateral scrolling bar. I knew you can also click on the "View Chart of This Data", but arrows/scrolling-bar is a quick, convenient, and very cooool way if you will be wondering, e.g. if this week's higher outputs are consistent with or inherited from last week's output. Anyway, I know I am asking too much. :)

4) Looks like the History is not really displayed in chronological order. I guess it's in the order of when the tests was inputed. This is fine for a regular condition, coz the sequence of your input is always one day after another, but when we test the QATrack+, we may input the history results in the sequence of Spe 16, Sep 22, Sep 21, etc., then the display order is in a mess. Maybe you need to force it to display in the order of "Work Completed"?

Many thanks!

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  1. Randle Taylor

    1) There is a setting NHIST = 5 in the qatrack/settings.py file which controls the number of historical results shown. You could override that to be a smaller number if you want. I'm not sure I want to head down the road of automatically adjusting to screen width.

    2) As in 1) the number of days shown is fixed by the NHIST setting but the history is not limited to the current week. It just shows the last 5 instances no matter when they occured.

    3) This would be a nice feature :) I will look into implementing that in a future version.

    4) I'm surprised to hear you are having issues with the history not being displayed in chronological order. They should be displayed according to Work Completed and if they're not, it is a bug. Can you attach a screenshot of this?

    Thanks for all your suggestions!


  2. jason_yan reporter

    please see the attached.

    never mind the blue color with "Yes", it's just caused by that I didn't know that I should put a "tolerance" (either "Yes" or "No") for boolean type tests as well.

    BTW, your answers 1) 2) 3) are good enough. We are just trying to be picky. :)

  3. Randle Taylor

    Hmmm, maybe I am not understanding. From that screen shot, all the histories are in the correct order? Oct 2nd, Oct 2nd, Sept 16th, Aug 30th, Aug 29th (reverse chronological from left to right). What am I missing?

  4. jason_yan reporter

    oops, my mistake! they ARE in correct order, although in reversed chronological order. The big range of the dates and the reversed order somehow confused me, sorry!

  5. Randle Taylor

    That's okay :) The reverse ordering is kind of confusing but that ordering was inherited from spreadsheets that we use. I've grown to like it now since it places the most recent results closest to the current results i.e. the most relevant results come first as your eye moves left to right.

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