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Deploying QATrack+

A note about security

Before deploying QATrack+ in the clinic, please take the time to read about security & QATrack+ on the security notes page.

Deployment Options

Django applications like QATrack+ are typically deployed on a Linux server using PostgreSQL or MySQL as the database. If your department has Linux support/experience this is the recommended way to deploy QATrack+.

That said, at TOHCC we are primarily a Microsoft based clinic and therefore have deployed QATrack+ using Windows Server 2008R2 and SQLServer2008 and have been generally happy with this setup.

Deployment on a Mac server is also relatively straightforward.

Below you can find a number of guides (works in progress) for a variety of platforms.

Python Environment (virtualenv)

The deployment guides above make use of Python's to isolate the QATrack+ Python environment from the system Python version. While not strictly required it is considered a "best practice" in the Python community and allows multiple applications requiring different library versions to run side by side on the same server. You will want to always remember to activate the QATrack+ virtualenv (explained in the deployment guides) before installing, upgrading or managing your QATrack+ installation.

Hosting at a non root url

(new in v0.2.6)

If you want to host your QATrack+ installation at a non root directory of your server than you need to set FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME in your file to the location of your QATrack+ installation. If for example your QATrack+ installation is configured to live at http://yourservername/qatrack then you need to have a line like:

FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = "/qatrack"

Note that the leading slash is required but no trailing slash should be included.

You may also need to modify your server configuration slightly (url rewrites etc.) to account for the difference.

Configuring QATrack+ for your needs

There are lots of settings in QATrack+ that can be tweaked to meet the specific needs of your clinic. Some of the most common ones are described below (in progress!). Generally the qatrack/ file should be left alone and any customizations for your clinic should be placed in a qatrack/ file.

Migrating from the standalone version

If you would like to migrate your trial test configuration from the standalone demo version of QATrack+, you can find instructions here: moving test configuration from standalone QATrack+ to production.