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qatrackplus / v / 0.2.8 / admin / Copy References & Tolerances from one Unit to another

After setting the references & tolerances for a certain Unit there is the possibility to copy these references & tolerances to another Unit with the same Test List assigned. This function is useful when:

  1. You have Units with the same Test List assigned to them and the references and tolerances are the same
  2. As point 1 but not everything is the same. Then you still have the possibility to edit the references and tolerances manually

To copy the reference and tolerance values click on the Copy References & Tolerances link from the main admin page. See image below.

QA admin page.png

An interactive form lets you select the available Source units, Content type, available Testlist(cycle)s and the available Destination Units. See the image below.


After filling in the form and pressing Copy references and tolerances a preview is shown. This table shows what the current references and tolerances are of the destination unit and the new ones. See the image below.

forn preview.png

When satisfied with the preview press confirm or cancel when not satisfied.