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Changing QA Data Statuses

Every test that is performed in QATrack+ is assigned a Status that indicates what type of data the test is and whether or not it requires review. Details on how to review QA data and/or update the status of a set of tests are given below.

Reviewing QA Data

The number of test lists with unreviewed tests is displayed at the top of every QATrack+ page (provided you have the permissions required to review data).

Unreviewed count is displayed at the top of every page

To review data, choose the Unreviewed option from the Review Data dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Unreviewed menu option

You will then be presented with a list of QA sessions awaiting review. This list can be filtered/sorted by unit, frequency, date or user.

Click on the Review button of the QA session that you want to review and you can then change the status of the tests as described below.

Unreviewed listing

Repeat those steps for all the QA sessions that you would like to review.

Changing the status of test data

On the following page select the status you would like to apply to the tests from the dropdown menu at the top. Click the checkmark next to the dropdown to apply that status to all the tests in the list (Test statuses can also be set individually.) Click the Update Test Statuses to save your changes to the database.

Updating test statuses