Install for designers

Sorry for these a bit difficult instructions. We will automate these steps in near future.

Install these system packages:

  • python

Create these directories:

  • eggs
  • downloads

Create configuration files as follows:

  • Create buildout.cfg with following content:

    extends = buildout/designer.cfg
  • Create src/web369/settings.py with following content:

    from web369.conf.designer import *

Perform these commands:

python bootstrap.py --distribute
bin\buildout.exe -N

Now you ready to work.

File locations:

  • Templates: src/web369/templates/
  • Static files: src/web369/static/

Install for developers

  • Configure your mysql database so that it can be accessed with root user and empty password.

  • Run:


You can rebuild database any time with:

make rebuilddb

Basic usage for developers

bin/scapy crawl delf_lt : Run delfi.lt scrapper.

bin/supervisord : Run supervisor server. It can be accessed from: . Django website can be accessed at port 8000.

make run : Run django server, without supervisor.

make shell : Open django shell-plus

make test : Run tests

make dump : Dump nice data to dump.json.