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Update Authors. Also It's going to be too hard to track who's done exactly what, so I'm just going to go with names for now...

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 Tom Christie <tomchristie> - tom@tomchristie.com, @thisneonsoul - Author.
-Paul Bagwell <pbgwl> - Suggestions & bugfixes.
-Marko Tibold <markotibold> - Contributions & Providing the Jenkins CI Server.
-Sébastien Piquemal <sebpiq> - Contributions.
-Carmen Wick <cwick> - Bugfixes.
-Alex Ehlke <aehlke> - Design Contributions.
-Alen Mujezinovic <flashingpumpkin> - Contributions.
-Carles Barrobés <txels> - HEAD support.
-Michael Fötsch <mfoetsch> - File format support.
-David Larlet <david> - OAuth support.
-Andrew Straw <astraw> - Bugfixes.
-<zeth> - Bugfixes.
-<fzunino> - Bugfixes.
+Paul Bagwell <pbgwl>
+Marko Tibold <markotibold> - Additional thanks for providing & managing the Jenkins CI Server.
+Sébastien Piquemal <sebpiq>
+Carmen Wick <cwick>
+Alex Ehlke <aehlke>
+Alen Mujezinovic <flashingpumpkin>
+Carles Barrobés <txels>
+Michael Fötsch <mfoetsch>
+David Larlet <david>
+Andrew Straw <astraw>
+Fernando Zunino <fzunino>
+Jens Alm <ulmus>
+Craig Blaszczyk <jakul>