Django REST Framework / AUTHORS

Full commit
Tom Christie <tomchristie> -, @thisneonsoul - Author.
Paul Bagwell <pbgwl> - Suggestions & bugfixes.
Marko Tibold <markotibold> - Contributions & Providing the Jenkins CI Server.
Sébastien Piquemal <sebpiq> - Contributions.
Carmen Wick <cwick> - Bugfixes.
Alex Ehlke <aehlke> - Design Contributions.
Alen Mujezinovic <flashingpumpkin> - Contributions.
Carles Barrobés <txels> - HEAD support.
Michael Fötsch <mfoetsch> - File format support.
David Larlet <david> - OAuth support.
Andrew Straw <astraw> - Bugfixes.
<zeth> - Bugfixes.
<fzunino> - Bugfixes.


Jesper Noehr <jespern> & the django-piston contributors for providing the starting point for this project.
And of course, to the Django core team and the Django community at large.  You guys rock.