Markdown Extra

This CodeIgniter package/spark transforms markdown to HTML.

It uses Michel Fortin's extra branch of the php-markdown library, version 1.2.5, see also Notes.

Kenny Katzgrau's markdown spark served me as blueprint.

Current version number 0.0.1


The package/spark consists of one helper function, parse_markdown_extra(), which accepts a block of markdown (extra), and returns HTML. You can install it either as package or as spark.

As spark

Load the spark and call the parse_markdown_extra() function.

# x.x.x is the version number
$html = parse_markdown_extra($some_markdown_string);

As package

Add the package path, load the helper and call the parse_markdown_extra() function.

$html = parse_markdown_extra($some_markdown_string);


Send any questions to Thomas Traub.


The original package code: ci-pkg-markdown-extra
The deployment as CodeIgniter Spark: ci-spark-markdown-extra


January 30, 2012

  • I include Michel Fortin's library as submodule. Michel used to tag every version (prefix x for the extra versions), but the for current 1.2.5 release there is no tag set, the HEAD of the extra branch matches the download version.
  • getsparks.org does not (yet) support submodules, therefore the separation into two repos.