Please be aware that BarWare may contain bugs.

Running BarWare.sql drops several tables. Make sure that those tables don't already exist if you are using an existing database.

BarWare requires MySQL and PHP.

1.) Download the most recent version of BarWare from the project site.

2.) Un-Tarball/gunzip the software archive. tar -xzvf barware-[].tar.gz

3.) Move the barware directory into your web server documents directory. cd barware/ cp -a barware/ /home/httpd/htdocs/ (your doc directory may differ)

4.) Run the SQL file in the db-install directory. cd db-install/ mysql -u username -ppassword barware_db < BarWare.sql

Configure the variables in application/config/database.php and you're ready to go. cd /home/httpd/htdocs/application/config nano database.php

** The default account is user: admin / pass: changeme **

Go to the BarWare project page at for support and bug reporting.