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About NeuronPy

NeuronPy is a library of Python interfaces and utilities for the NEURON simulator and the analysis of neural data.


NeuronPy may work with Python 2.5, but this has not been tested. Python 2.6 or higher should be used. Many classes rely on Numpy 1.3 or greater.

Depending on your use of the library, other packages may be needed:


You can also try installing from the Python Package Index, Pypi.

$ pip install neuronpy


$ easy_install neuronpy

To get the source and install that way, with Mercurial installed:

hg clone

Alternatively, with a downloaded zip file extract the contents.

To install from source, and with a terminal window in the neuronpy directory:

$ python install

You may need to have administrator privileges for this step.


Please report any bugs, make recommendations, and add your own source or help enhance this library by contacting Tom`dot`McTavish`at`gmail`dot`com.

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