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Blog Annotations

An experimental project to add annotations to tags and posts on my Tumblr blog.


  • Redland Raptor library with rapper.
  • Debian: sudo aptitude install librdf0
  • or just from
  • sed
  • bash shell


Code components of this project are licensed under the MIT license. This is the script, as well as any code added in the future (probably some Python or Ruby code).

Data added to this project is public domain. If you do not wish your material to be made available in the public domain, please do not contribute to the project.

How to contribute

owl:sameAs and rdfs:comment data would be greatly appreciated for tags. Take a look at the existing n3 files to see how to format them.

If you want, you can also provide translations into other languages. Take an existing rdfs:comment and replicate it on another line. Then replace the contents with a translation and the language tag with the appropriate one like @Florian Rathe (for French) or @ja (for Japanese).

All Notation-3 files should be UTF-8 encoded.


tags.txt is produced using this: