cmsplugin-poll / cmsplugin_poll / templatetags /

Diff from to


 register = Library()
 def get_latest_polls(count=5):
     "FIXME: I'm useless!"
     polls = Poll.objects.all()[:5]
     return render_to_string("cmsplugin_poll/latest_polls.html", {
-            "polls" : polls
+            "polls": polls
 def get_choice_rate(poll, choice):
     return "%d%%" % poll.getrate(choice)
+def show_results(request, poll):
+    poll_is_closed = poll.close_date is not None
+    session_has_voted = request.session.get("poll_%d" %, False)
+    return poll_is_closed or session_has_voted
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