Antoine Nguyen committed 02644a2

Preparing 0.7 release.

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     name = "sievelib",
     packages = ["sievelib"],
-    version = "0.6",
+    version = "0.7",
     description = "Client-side SIEVE library",
     author = "Antoine Nguyen",
     author_email = "",


         self.__print(, indentlevel, nocr=True, target=target)
         if self.has_arguments():
             for arg in self.args_definition:
-                if not self.arguments.has_key(arg["name"]):
+                if not arg["name"] in self.arguments:
                 target.write(" ")
                 value = self.arguments[arg["name"]]


         "if false { }" test.
         :param name: the filter's name
+        :return: True if filter was disabled, False otherwise
         ifcontrol = get_command_instance("if")
         falsecmd = get_command_instance("false", ifcontrol)
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