# Boids Sandbox

  Boids describes a flocking algorithm where there is no single leader, but
  each member of the flock moves according to well defined rules. 
  The rules are as follows:
    Separation: A force that tries to keep boids from getting to close to each
      other. Applies a vector to each boid pointing away from any boids within
      the separation_distance.
    Cohesion: A force that attempts to keep all members of the flock close
      together. Applies a vector to each boid that points towards any that are 
      inside of the cohesion_distance. Note that this force is completely
      opposite the separation force, but operates with a larger range.
    Alignment: A force that keeps all members of the flock pointing in the
      same direction. Applies a force to each boid with a normalized vector 
      pointing in the same direction as any boids within alignment_distance.
  By applying these rules to each boid each clock tick, we generate organic
  flocking behavior.
## Dependancies
  This program require the pyglet module to run. Install using easy_install:
    easy_install pyglet
## Usage
  Run the simulator using Python:
    python boids.py
  There are modifiable parameters in the start of the script for changing
  window settings and flock statistics (number of boids, etc).

  A user wishing to play with the flocking algorithm parameters can do so in 
  apply_flock_forces(boid). This function determines and applies the vectors
  that will effect a given bird. 
  The parameters in apply_flock_forces() modify how much weight a given rule
  is given, and how close a boid has to be to be affected by that rule. For
  example, setting the separation_distance or separation_weight to 0 will turn
  off that rule completely, making sure that it applies no forces to the boid.

## More information
  There is numerous resources online about Boids, including a good Wikipedia

  I have written a blog post about this project at 
  http://blog.tophernet.com/2011/03/boids-sandbox.html. It contains a higher
  look at the project, as well as some screenshots.
## License
  Copyright Topher Brown <topher200@gmail.com>, 2010. Released under the MIT