sejda / sejda-parent / release.txt

Release howto

* Maven release

mvn release:prepare release:perform -DautoVersionSubModules=true
mvn release:perform

Public release? Do you want to publish binaries to Maven Central?
mvn release:perform -Darguments="-Dgpg.passphrase=secret123 -Psonatype-oss-release"

* Post public release steps
1) log in to OSS Nexus and close the staging repository. Log in at with username sejda, click "Staging Repositories". Select the last release performed (should be Open) and perform 'Close'. You expect no validation error and a successful close. After that, you can do 'Release', BEWARE this is a point of no return for Maven Central binaries.
2) upload released binaries to bitbucket download page:
3a) - console binaries: /tmp/sejda-release-staging/sejda/target/checkout/sejda-console/target/sejda-console-*
3b) - zip containing all jars for the rest of the modules: /tmp/sejda-release-staging/sejda/target/checkout/sejda-distribution/target/sejda-distribution-*
3c) - upload javadocs to website "