jack_trauma is a simple command line tool to send N audio channels taken from JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) over IP, using UDPLite.

jack_trauma is lightweight and mainly oriented towards low latency, as it doesn't perform any buffering.

1. Requirements

  • libjack2

2. Compiling

  • type "make"

3. Usage

./jack_trauma OPTIONS


  • -s: run in send mode (will run in receive mode otherwise)
  • -c [channels]: number of audio channels
  • -a [address]: destination address for audio channels
  • -o [offset]: offset to be applied to outgoing channel numbers
  • -p [port]: UDPLite port in use
  • -n [name]: JACK client name
  • -h: display help message


To do a local test on 8 channels, once you have a running JACK server run:

./jack_trauma -s -c 8

On another terminal, run:

./jack_trauma -c N

To send 16 audio channels to host, make sure that the JACK server is running on both hosts with the same period size, and run:

./jack_trauma -s -c 16 -a -p PORT

On the receiver host, run:

./jack_trauma -c 16 -p PORT

If the JACK server is not running, jack_trauma will attempt to launch one based on your ~/.jackdrc configuration file.

4. Authors

Daniele Torelli -

Andrea Lusuardi -

Copyright 2014 Andrea Lusuardi, Daniele Torelli. The program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see LICENSE.txt).