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extDB3 is an Arma3 Addon for connecting to Databases (currently only MariaDB/MySQL).
The main purpose for extDB3 is for persistent missions in Arma.
Note it will require some knowledge about SQF & SQL to use.
extDB3 is also designed to be flexible & secure at the same time.

"extDB3 Addon" is distributed under GPLv3 or later
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

The extension (shared library) i.e extDB3.dll / source code is protected by copyright & is not available publicly under any license atm.
But you do have permission to alter/compile the source code for personal usage only.
If you wish to redistribute/repackage extDB3.dll / separately you need to ask and get permission first, unless you are covered by FLOSS Exception below.

FLOSS Exception Free and Open Source Software ("FOSS") License Exception
You can repackage extDB3.dll / (shared libary) along with your project, if your project is licensed under one of the following licenses.
- An OSI approved licenses - Arma Public License - Arma Public License Share Alike Important: You will also need to include the extDB3-License-FLOSS-Exception.txt.
This is to prevent confusion if someone grabs extDB3 from your project to use.

~~ Arma Server Monetization
You have permission to use "extDB3 Addon" on a monetized arma server(s).
Please remember to share by donating to various authors that create content / tools that you are using.

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