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 ## Questions 
-If you think there may be a problem with this wrapper, first ensure you can run the Java program:
+**Stanford CoreNLP tools require a large amount of free memory**.  Java 5+ uses about 50% more RAM on 64-bit machines than 32-bit machines.  32-bit machine users can lower the memory requirements by changing `-Xmx3g` to `-Xmx2g` or even less.
+If pexpect timesout while loading models, check to make sure you have enough memory and can run the server alone without your kernel killing the java process:
     java -cp stanford-corenlp-2010-11-12.jar:stanford-corenlp-models-2010-11-06.jar:xom-1.2.6.jar:xom.jar:jgraph.jar:jgrapht.jar -Xmx3g edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.StanfordCoreNLP -props
-Then, send me (Dustin Smith) a message on GitHub or through email (contact information is available [on my webpage](
+You can reach me, Dustin Smith, by sending a message on GitHub or through email (contact information is available [on my webpage](
 #  TODO
         if not isinstance(data["params"], (list, tuple)):
             raise RPCInvalidRPC("""Invalid Request, "params" must be an array.""")
         if len(data) != 3:          raise RPCInvalidRPC("""Invalid Request, additional fields found.""")
         # notification / request
         if data["id"] is None:
             return data["method"], data["params"]               #notification
             req_str  = self.__data_serializer.dumps_request( methodname, args, id )
             req_str  = self.__data_serializer.dumps_request( methodname, kwargs, id )
             resp_str = self.__transport.sendrecv( req_str )
         except Exception,err: