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 It requires [pexpect]( and (optionally) [unidecode]( to handle non-ASCII text.  This script includes and uses code from [jsonrpc]( and [python-progressbar](
-This is a simple script I created after having problems using other Python wrappers to Stanford's dependency parser. 
-First the JPypes approach used in [stanford-parser-python]( had trouble initializing a JVM on two separate computers.  Next, I discovered I could not use a 
-[Jython solution]( because the Python modules I needed did not work in Jython.
 It runs the Stanford CoreNLP jar in a separate process, communicates with the java process using its command-line interface, and makes assumptions about the output of the parser in order to parse it into a Python dict object and transfer it using JSON.  The parser will break if the output changes significantly, but it has been tested on **Core NLP tools version 1.3.1** released 2012-04-09.
 ## Download and Usage 
     sudo pip install pexpect unidecode   # unidecode is optional
 	git clone git://
-	cd stanford-corenlp-python.git
+	cd stanford-corenlp-python
     tar xvfz stanford-corenlp-2012-04-09.tgz
   * Justin Cheng jcccf@221513ecf322dc32d6e088fb2f68751e45bac226
   * Abhaya Agarwal 8ed7640388cac8ba6d897739f5c8fe24eb87cc48
+## Similar Projects
+These two projects are python wrappers for the [Stanford Parser](, different than "core NLP tools":
+  - [stanford-parser-python]( uses [JPype]( (interface to JVM)
+  - [stanford-parser-jython]( uses Python