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fix pexpect.EOF issue

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    * Using jsonrpclib for stability and performance
    * Can edit the constants as argument such as Stanford Core NLP directory.
    * Adjust parameters not to timeout in high load
+   * Other bug fix
 ## Requirements
    * [jsonrpclib](https://github.com/joshmarshall/jsonrpclib)
         # clean up anything leftover
         while True:
-                self.corenlp.read_nonblocking (4000, 0.3)
+                self.corenlp.read_nonblocking (4096, 0.3)
             except pexpect.TIMEOUT:
+            except pexpect.EOF:
+                break
         while True:
             # Time left, read more data
-                incoming += self.corenlp.read_nonblocking(2000, 1000)
+                incoming += self.corenlp.read_nonblocking(2048, 1)
                 if "\nNLP>" in incoming: break
             except pexpect.TIMEOUT:
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