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 # A Python wrapper for the Java Stanford Core NLP tools
-This is a fork of [stanford-corenlp-python](
+This is a fork of Dustin Smith's [stanford-corenlp-python]( A Python interface to [Stanford CoreNLP]( It can either be python package, or run as a JSON-RPC server.
 ## Edited
    * Update to Stanford CoreNLP v3.2.0
     parsed = batch_parse(raw_text_directory, corenlp_dir)  # It returns a generator object
     print parsed  #=> [{'coref': ..., 'sentences': ..., 'file_name': 'new_sample.txt'}]
+The function uses XML output feature of Stanford CoreNLP, and you can take all information by `raw_output` option. If true, CoreNLP's XML is returned as a dictionary without converting the format.
+    parsed = batch_parse(raw_text_directory, corenlp_dir, raw_output=True)
+(note: The function requires xmltodict now, you must install it by `sudo pip install xmltodict`)
 ## Developer
    * Hiroyoshi Komatsu []
    * Johannes Castner []