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Issue #11 new

Does not handle spaces in any path

Anonymous created an issue

This is mostly my fault (as a GUI aficionado):

When loading the properties, there is no handling of space in the path:

java -mx5g -cp . . . . . . -props /home/pat/Desktop/NLP Sentiment/corenlp-python/corenlp/default.properties

argsToProperties could not read properties file: null
Exception in thread "main" edu.stanford.nlp.io.RuntimeIOException: java.io.IOException: Unable to resolve "/home/pat/Desktop/NLP" as either class path, filename or URL

Where the path "/home/pat/Desktop/NLP Sentiment/corenlp-python/corenlp/default.properties" should be handled as "/home/pat/Desktop/NLP\ Sentiment/corenlp-python/corenlp/default.properties"

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