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Not sure if you can help me, but I'm looking for a way to set there reference date/time for a document, so that SUTime returns better results. In the online demo, you specify a date/time for the article, but I can't figure out a way to do it with your (excellent) python wrapper.

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  1. Hiroyoshi Komatsu repo owner

    Though I also can't fix the problem, I will send e-mail to a mailing list of CoreNLP for the problem. Now I 'm not accepted to subscribe yet (It may be because of summer vocation?), so please wait.

  2. Hiroyoshi Komatsu repo owner

    I was not accepted subscribing by my mistake... A developer answers the mail quickly:

    I think he recommended couple possible ways of solving the problem are too difficult to implement, because my python wrapper uses the user selected one of below two ways:

    1. CoreNLP's interactive shell (This is called StanfordCoreNLP.parse in my wrapper),

    2. CoreNLP's text file input option (StanfordCoreNLP.batch_parse in my wrapper).

    Unfortunately, both ways can send only text information after initializing CoreNLP. If you really want to set a reference date in python, I'm recommending using regular expression to replace SUTime results, or write an interface to CoreNLP with input from xml documents.

    Sorry, I couldn't help you.

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