Simple update for the latest version of Stanford CoreNLP Parser (v3.3.0, 2013-11-12)

Issue #6 resolved
Seongtaek Lim
created an issue

Hello. This is how I made it work with the parser.

  1. Find CR_PATTERN and change its value with
CR_PATTERN = re.compile(r"\((\d*),(\d)*,\[(\d*),(\d*)\]\) -> \((\d*),(\d)*,\[(\d*),(\d*)\]\), that is: \"(.*)\" -> \"(.*)\"")
  1. Find DIRECTORY after else and change its value with
DIRECTORY = "stanford-corenlp-full-2013-11-12"
  1. Find jars and change the value with
jars = ["stanford-corenlp-3.3.0.jar",

Thanks for your work!

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