Martin Geisler  committed e7e3150

hglib: remove unused import

The guards for older versions of Mercurial were unneeded, and in the
end it turned out that the updatedir function wasn't used at all.

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File tortoisehg/util/

 import time
 import inspect
-from mercurial import demandimport
-    # hg >= 2.0
-    from mercurial.scmutil import updatedir
-except ImportError:
-    try:
-        # hg >= 1.7
-        from mercurial.cmdutil import updatedir
-    except ImportError:
-        # hg <= 1.6
-        from mercurial.patch import updatedir
 from mercurial import ui, util, error, extensions, match, bundlerepo, cmdutil
 from mercurial import dispatch, encoding, templatefilters, filemerge, scmutil