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Issue #1000 resolved

hgtk hangs when navigating to revision -1 (000000...)

Alen Siljak
created an issue


I just converted an SVN repository that had two branches. In Mercurial repository one has the changeset 0 as the parent. The other one has revision -1 (000...) as the parent. When clicking on the zeros hyperlink (0000...) in Repository Explorer the hgtk hangs and knocks the processor high up. The link is displayed in the lower right window that displays changesets.

Comments (4)

  1. Steve Borho

    I can verify this on Linux. Clicking on the -1 link causes some kind of endless recycle, eating up your CPU and memory until you kill it. I suspect this is not new.

  2. Steve Borho

    treeview: validate revision before attempting to load

    repo[-1] is the null changeset and can never appear in self.index. Null has other aliases, so looking at ctx.rev() is the safest check.

    Sanity check the revision number here as well, if we fail to acquire a context for it, do not start a load.

    Closes #1000


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