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Jonas Wagner
created an issue

I guys, I just installed tortoise hg 1.0, and the first thing I've noticed was that it is no longer using the native gtk theme engine (libwimp.dll). I could fix the issue by replacing the libwimp.dll from tortoise hg with one I had from gimp. This messed up the redrawing of the repository explorer though. I'm not sure if this is due to a mismatch of the dlls or a problem with the drawing code in the repository explorer.

Cheers, Jonas

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  1. Jonas Wagner reporter

    Would it be feasible to use and older gtk version (pre 2.18.x)? If not, maybe it would be a good idea to use another theme engine with a nicer theme.

    PS: That bugzilla entry is almost a reason to consider using QT for my next project. :/

  2. Steve Borho

    The Aurora screen shots do look nice. Is that theme available on Windows?

    Even more worrying than the theming issues, it seems CTRL-F searching has been broken for some time on 2.18

  3. Steve Borho

    Nice, it seems we can add this theme by grabbing only two files from that package:

    • lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\engines\libaurora.dll
    • share\themes\Aurora\gtk-2.0\gtkrc

    Copy both of those in the same relative paths under the installed gtk/ folder, then change etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc to use 'Aurora' instead of 'MS-Windows' theme.

    I'm going to use this at work for a few days. If I don't find any glaring problems with it, I'll add it to thg-winbuild and it will begin showing up in the nightly builds.

  4. Adrian Buehlmann

    I'm not really fond of aurora. I ran from default branch from sources with something similar for a couple of weeks before the 1.0 release. Have to say that I like the current theme from plain 1.0 much better now.

    LiNsta really hurts my eye.

    But I guess I'm not that relevant here once again :p

    As an non-bike-shedding argument: these themes (both aurora and LiNsta) are rather far away from what's standard on Windows 7 (UI look and feel-wise, if we dare speak so of a GTK app). The current 1.0 theme seems safer to me.

    This stuff is all way too fancy.

  5. Jonas Wagner reporter

    I agree with you Adrian that using the native style on windows would be the best solution. BUT, windows users are used to having non standard uis. Even microsoft has fancy ui's for a lot of their applications. In addition to that I think the aurora theme is surely not much farther away from windows 7/XP than the fallback style currently in use is. I do think that it looks a lot more modern and polished though.

    I think this does actually matter because of the way a lot of people approach new software. If software looks polished, new users take software more seriously than when it looks like windows 95.

    That's at least my experience.

  6. Simon T

    I'm currently using the Clearlooks theme from the theme pack posted earlier (on Win 7). While it's not native, it looks much closer than Aurora I think, and it's definitely better than the pseudo windows-classic look and feel now that the MS-Windows theme is broken.

    Screenshot of the clearlooks theme is attached.

    I have to agree with Jonas. That GTK bug report is really selling me on QT.

  7. Jonas Wagner reporter

    kuy: "Probably can't back to older version. Because we have a plan to use "libgio" for detecting file/dir changes (see #926)."

    So I guess that's not an option for the future.

  8. Steve Borho

    libgio actually did exist in GTK-2.16. PyGtk support for it was just recently added, apparently. So down-grading GTK doesn't affect those plans. I was never quite sure how well GIO works on Windows anyway, so I had a backup scheme in mind of recording mtimes for every file we're interested in, just in case.

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