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Anonymous created an issue

Is it possible to add an overlay icon to the projekt directory wich contains the repository. I woulb be nice to open the root projekt folder an see in wich state my projekts are. now i have to go into an back to check all projekts.

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  1. Steve Borho

    This would be potentially expensive to calculate, as we would have to walk the entire repository to determine if it was clean. It's something to consider for the future, though.

  2. DannyWan

    Well as soon as you have fixed issue #36, I think you should consider to add this icon. This is something TortoiseSVN do and I find it very usefull as the reporter of this issue does.

  3. Adrian Buehlmann

    This would be sure nice to have but even with the C++ shell extension this would be painfully slow for any non-toy situation (I tried it). Consider having 10 clones of netbeans or python-trunk in a dir A: this means stat-ing (i.e. checking file sizes and modification times) of 40'000 files each time you open A.

    On another note, it might be possible to simply persistently cache the whole output of hg status into a private file in each repo (maybe ".hg/thgstatus"?) and just display what's in there. Question left would be: when would we update the thgstatus file and what about disks (e.g. flashs drives) that should not be written to? A simple solution would be to add an "update icons" command to the context menu, but then imagine having to do that for all 10 clones in the directory A mentioned above... Sigh, quite a couple of problems to think about first before this feature could happen.

  4. Anonymous

    Right now there's no way to tell from the explorer windows that there are files missing/removed from the repo root directory. Maybe having the status on the top folder icons will help.

  5. DannyWan

    I have notice that sometimes the overlay icons of TortoiseSVN is not perfectly up to date, but I only need to press F5 in the explorer to refresh them (and there's no "update icons" in the context menu).

    I don't know if TSVN is using a cache, but I guess so (the famous "TSVNCache" that sometimes takes all your ressources and that you have to kill to get back you explorer responsive).

    Maybe you should look on how TSVN does this to see if you could use the same kind of technic?

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