status dialog tree view, using overlay icons

Issue #2 resolved
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As above. It would be nice to have this dialog also display as a tree, especially useful in cases where unable/not wanting to use the overlay icons/explorer integration.

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  1. Steve Borho

    Changing title and bumping. This would be a really nice feature as it would make hgtk pretty useful without shell extensions, and we could avoid having to deal with COM extensions and the ever shrinking available number of overlay slots.

  2. Adrian Buehlmann

    contrib/wix: add sdk_build_extensions.cmd

    Moved from thg-winbuild.

    But now creating terminate-x86.exe and terminate-x64.exe and using different paths.

    Taking now terminate-x86.exe to run the CallTerminate custom action (fixes issue 2 of thg-winbuild)


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