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Issue #53 resolved

improve cmenu work flow

Steve Borho
created an issue

When you right-click in/on a folder in Windows explorer, then select a TortoiseHg command (such as "clone a repository"), you would expect the destination field to be automatically set to the folder you clicked from. Instead, you have to click "Browse" and manually select the folder, or type it in by hand.

An example scenario for this feature:

User X creates a folder "test" located in C:\Documents and Settings\X\Desktop\Projects. X then right-clicks on "test", selects TortoiseHg->Clone a Repository. The Clone dialog pops up, with the Destination path set to C:\Documents and Settings\X\Desktop\Projects\test.

This feature should be implemented for all dialogs that are accessible via the context menu, not just the clone example listed here.

Enhancements such as this will make TortoiseHg much easier to use and simplify the workflow for people who are converting from TortoiseSVN, etc.

Comments (5)

  1. Peer Sommerlund

    The above mentioned workflow is 1) create empty folder, 2) select clone within that directory. A variant is 1) create empty folder, 2) select clone from within the source repository folder, 3) enter path to empty folder as destination in clone dialog.

    First reported as SF bug 1879567

  2. Steve Borho reporter

    This will be fixed on crew soon. In the new hgtk launch model, we can just use os.getcwd() in all these instances as the default target.

    To avoid directory conflicts on clone, we simply need to change to a 'init + pull' model instead.

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