View File Status: provide status relative to repository root

Issue #55 resolved
Steve Borho
created an issue

Currently "View File Status" shows only files relative to the directory where it was invoked.

This maybe fine for people coming from other revision control system (like SVN).

A hg user would expect to get a list of all files relative to the repository's root directory, regardless in which sub-directory "View File Status" was invoked.

I suggest an additional checkbox "root" at the bottom of the status window (where the other checkboxes are located) which enables/disables showing files relative to repository root directory.

The standard setting for this checkbox should be configurable in "Setting/Global". Which setting is used as default (i.e. after fresh installation) is ot be discussed. I would prefer to have "root" enabled.

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  1. Steve Borho reporter

    This will be a key point to be addressed in 0.8. All dialogs should have consistent behavior with regards to their cwd context. I think we will end up using a scheme similar to the one described here.

  2. Steve Borho reporter

    ID: 1855495

    Add Files Dialog automatically checks unchecked files

    1) Create New Folder 2) Touch (create empty) 5 files . a) 1 Add Me.txt . b) 2 Add Me.txt . c) 3 Don't Add Me.txt . d) 4 Add Me.txt . e) 5 Don't Add Me.txt 3) Create Hg Repo 4)Add files 1, 2, and 4 5)Observe after clicking "Yes" on confirmation dialog files 3 and 5 are checked.

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