Make the New Committool aware of Mercurial.ini Configuration files

Issue #6 resolved
Mike Podonyi
created an issue

The current Committool doesnt respect the "extdiff" Entries in Mercurial.ini.

Change the new Commit Tool to to work with Mercurial.ini especially the "extdiff" Section.

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  1. Steve Borho

    The problem is that the default commit tool in <=0.6 is Qct, which is not really a TortoiseHg application and it has a separate configuration for visual diff. Open Qct's preferences dialog (lower left corner) and replace hg vdiff with hg bcom

    In the next release, 0.7, TortoiseHg's own commit tool will be promoted to the new default, Qct will be ubundled (a separate download), and then this problem will go away.

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