Synchronize bundle option deletes the bundle

Issue #692 duplicate
created an issue

with the release canditate


The bundle option in the menu deleted the bundle i tried to synchronize with.

As it seems to me, the option should only open the file browser to choose the path of the bundle. Depending of the operation (pull or push) i would expect modification on the bundle or not.

But the file browser actually tries to overwrite the file after closing which was not my intention.

Also, there is not a clear way to clone or update from a bundle in the changelog or clone menu.

It seems to work if you write by hand the absolute path though.

what do you think?

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  1. Steve Borho

    There's four different issues here.

    1. issue #685, which was already fixed (your RC is a bit old)
    2. deleting the bundle after pulling from it. This is a bug, we only want to delete incoming bundles.
    3. Cloning from a bundle. Please open an enhancement request for this.
    4. Updating from a bundle. What do you mean by this? You do not want to check out files for revisions you have not pulled. That would be just asking for trouble.
  2. jmiguelhdez reporter

    ok, i did not explained it well. I meant pulling from a bundle.

    i backed up a repository by creating a bundle from rev0 to the tip and i was trying to recover it.

    i can only think of 2 ways to do it.

    1) Cloning from the bundle to recover the backup point 2) Creating an empty repository and pulling from the bundle.

    The second one is kind of a workaround for the first and that is what i was trying to do when i found issue #685

  3. Steve Borho

    Both options would work from the command line. Only the latter is supported by THG right now (and it has the delete bug as you found).

    So please open a request for the clone from bundle feature and we'll forget about #4 :)

  4. Steve Borho

    I don't see anyplace where we delete a bundle file, except at exit where we delete the temporary folder where we store bundles created by incoming previews. Since #685 was the only bug here, I'm going to close this issue as a dup. Thanks for opening the feature request, I expect that to happen in the next release.

    Duplicate of #685.

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