progress extension interacts badly with hgcmd

Issue #975 resolved
Steve Borho
created an issue

We need to find a simple way to disable the progress extension when we're using our cmd windows. Perhaps by redefining our own stub ui.progress().

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  1. Steve Borho reporter

    Implementing a stub progress method in our GtkUi superclass does not help, because of the way extensions are registered when new UI instances are allocated, the progress extension can still monkey-patch our progress method and add progress bars to stdout.

    The progress extension does three checks to verify it's not improperly generating progress bars, but all three are useless to us:

    1. isinteractive - this must be true for us, else we cannot handle username/password prompts
    2. debugflag - enables a lot of extra output, that we do not want to see or parse
    3. quiet - disables much of the output we want to see
  2. Steve Borho reporter

    It would be nice, perhaps in 1.1, to actually display the progress extension output in hgcmd. I think it's just a matter of catching the line feeds without carriage returns and reset the current line.

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