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 = TortoiseHg Wiki =
 TortoiseHg is a Windows shell extension and a series of applications for
-the Mercurial distributed revision control system. It also includes a
-Gnome/Nautilus extension and a CLI wrapper application so the TortoiseHG tools
-and dialogs can be used on non-Windows platforms.
+the [[|Mercurial]] distributed
+revision control system. It also includes a Gnome/Nautilus extension and a CLI
+wrapper application so the TortoiseHG tools and dialogs can be used on
+non-Windows platforms.
+== News
+* 2009-01-18: TortoiseHg 0.6 (with Mercurial 1.1.2) released! download
+* 2008-09-24: TortoiseHg 0.5 released! Share overlay icons with TortoiseSVN 1.5.x . download
+* 2008-08-24: TortoiseHg 0.4.1 (with Mercurial 1.0.2) released! download
+* 2008-08-17: TortoiseHg 0.4 released! download
+* 2008-02-01: TortoiseHg 0.3 released! download
+* 2008-01-04: TortoiseHg 0.2 released
+* 2007-12-28: TortoiseHg 0.1 released
+* 2007-12-02: First public release (0.0.1) of TortoiseHg with binary installer
+== Supported Platforms
+* Microsoft Windows XP, Vista
+* Linux and other Unix environments, via [[hgtk]]
+* Gnome/[[nautilus|Nautilus]] integration
+== Screenshots
+These are old, but you can find them [[|here]].
+== Mailing Lists
+For any questions or comments on TortoiseHg, please post to TortoiseHg's mailing [[|lists]]:
+* TortoiseHg [[|developers]] list: for development on TortoiseHg
+* TortoiseHg [[|discussion]] list: for general questions on TortoiseHg
+== Bugs and Feature Requests
+Please use the Bitbucket issue tracker (above) to submit bugs and feature requests.  See [[|crew]] wiki
+for details on contributing patches or other work.
 ==== A Gentle [[intro|Introduction]] to Using TortoiseHG on Windows