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+= Release Notes for TortoiseHg
+This file contains last minute notes to users about the releases, which may not
+be included in the documentation or README files included with the distribution
+kits.  It also contains change information, for users who are interested in
+what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current
+== New features and improvements since 0.6 (crew only)
+* Updated to Mercurial 1.2
+* **Qct has been unbundled.  It must be downloaded separately.** We strongly suggest you use the internal tool instead, as it has better change selection support than Qct and it is much better integrated into TortoiseHg.
+* The tortoisehg.commit configuration setting has been obsoleted.  TortoiseHg will always use the internal commit tool by default, unless the user selects Qct as the prefered **external** commit tool.  //Settings->Global->Commit tab->External Commit Tool//
+* Commit window now supports commit of selected changes (record-style) or shelving of selected changes.
+# Modified, Added, and Removed files are preselected for commit.
+# Added a ctrl-o key accelerator for initiating a commit.
+# Added support for refreshing an applied MQ patch.
+# Improved support for merge (two parent) commits.
+* Status window now supports shelving of selected changes.
+# Unknown files are now displayed by default, hg status convention.
+* Synchronize window now supports reading bundle files (*.hg).
+# Recognizes whether it has been launched in push or pull mode
+# On Linux, the tool accepts drop requests of repositories or bundles
+* The changelog window can now generate bundle files 
+# Multiline change summaries can optionally be concatenated
+* New rename window for simple file or directory renames.
+* New rename guessing dialog for detecting renames after they happen.
+* New tool for managing an .hgignore file.
+* The configuration window has been reorganized for simplicity.
+* Nautilus: Fixed file version detection.
+* Hgtk: added --limit option to log.
+# added aliases to dialogs that support many operations.
+# added rename and guess commands.
+== Bug fixes since 0.6 (crew only)
+* Issue#1 on Bitbucket: Vista Overlay Icons constantly appear/disappear
+== New features and improvement in 0.6
+* Updated to Mercurial 1.1.X (1.1.2, as of release). 
+The GUI tools in TortoiseHg 0.6, including hgtk, have been updated to work
+exclusively with Merecurial 1.1.X, and will not work with older (pre 1.1), 
+and perhaps even the later, releases of Mercurial.
+* Explorer shell extensions:
+# Display all available menus in primary context menu, with non-applicable menu items disabled per selected objects.
+# Improved 'sensitivity' of context menus. For example, the 'Create Repository Here' menu will be disabled if the selected object is a file.
+* General improvement and updates:
+# Tab characters in source/diff lines can be expanded optionally with the new 'tabwidth' config option.
+# All commit dates are now displayed in local time, with time zone info.
+# GUI opearations are immuned to mercurial commands defaults (defined in [defaults] section of mercurial.ini)
+# WinMerge has been added Mercurial's merge-tools list, and will be detected and used automatically (subject to priority).
+* New initialization (create new repo) window:
+# Option to create special files (specially .hgignore)
+# Option to create older (non-fncache) repo format.
+* Changelog viewer:
+# Removed Tags column. Tags are now displayed in summary lines.
+# Add display of branch names in summary lines. Branch names are colored with color scheme of gitweb style.
+# Add file context menu to revert files to selected changeset
+* Status window (changes apply also to the internal commit window):
+# Support Mercurial's new 'resolve' command: with new 'ms' (merge state) column in file-list area, plus new context menus to resolve merge conflict and mark/unmark merge state.
+# Replace Select & Deselect tool buttons with checkbox on the file-list header.
+# Add preliminary support for moving, renaming and copying of clean (managed) files.
+# Ignored files can now be added.
+* Datamining (grep and annotate) window:
+# Add source line numbers to annotate lines.
+* Configuration window:
+# New in-place editing support in 'paths' page.
+# Updated hgweb style list per Mercurial 1.1
+# New 'Tab Width' config option in 'TortoiseHG' page to expand tab characters in source lines displayed, with maximum of 16 spaces allowed (Default: disabled)
+* Hgtk:
+# Add 'init' command.
+# Add --webdir-conf option to 'serve' command.
+# Support command shortcut matching like hg. So 'hgtk cl' will bring up the clone window.
+* Nautilus:
+# Removed 'Open Terminal Here' menu options
+* Python trace collector:
+# Show timestamp on output lines to assist debugging.
+== Bug fixes in 0.6
+* Fix context menu actions problem on non-ascii filenames in status window [SF Bug 2151552].
+* Fix missing parent/child fields in commit headers of changeset window, mainly caused by empty commit messages in the parent/child changesets 
+== New features and improvement in 0.5
+* Explorer shell extensions:
+# share overlay icons with TortoiseSVN 1.5.x via TortoiseSVN's TortoiseOverlays project (by Peer Sommerlund)
+* New mercurial-like command line syntax for hgtk, with help support.
+* The gPyFm merge-tool is not longer bundled (see bug 2119067)
+* Interal commit dialog:
+# show number of files selected (also apply to Status dialog)
+# add 'Undo' button to rollback last commit.
+# do not clear commit message window if commit fails
+# accept commit message in multi-byte charset (fix bug 2116362)
+* Synchronize dialog:
+# load patchbomb extension automatically (by Peer Sommerlund)
+== Bug fixes in 0.5
+* [ 2119138 ] Merge-tool priority fix (by Mads Kiilerich)
+* [ 2116362 ] Internal commit tool not support gbk comment
+* [ 2113989 ] Can't create repository via Explorer context menu (when a file is selected)	
+* [ 2103749 ] Changelog viewer doesn't refresh after making local tag
+* nautilus: fix error when there is no repo in the current directory (by Germán Póo-Caamaño)
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