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TortoiseHG TODO list

These aren't listed in any particular order. Find one that interests you and dig in. Feel free to add to this list, or provide more detail to existing tasks.

Before you begin hacking, be sure to read the project overview and our guidelines for contributing.


  • gtk tortoisehg.editor readers should strip [] phrases

Mercurial features

  • in memory patching
  • patch hunk splitting
  • logfile



  • switch to memctx for commits (record extension will be rewritten in hg 1.7)
  • hunk splitting
  • #12 - show rename diffs, allow change selection
  • #270 - improve hunk selection



  • #629 - [auth] section page, more important now that mercurial_keyring is bundled


  • #326 - logfile (ui.log() will likely arrive in 1.7)


  • Investigate bundling of MSVC integration scripts
  • New tools for rdiff and churn extensions


We are translating TortoiseHg using the same methodology as Mercurial.

For contributing to the translations, please visit our page on Launchpad

We would also like for important wiki pages, like the manuals, to be translated. The Wiki has open access, so feel free to add translated pages as you wish (thanks to those who have already done this).


  • New Icons for toolbars and menus
  • Screenshots: send us some nice ones.


If you are a technical writer, or you simply spot a gap in our documentation, please contribute. Our documentation is in reStructuredText, which makes it very easy to contribute anything from typo fixes to entirely new chapters.

Issue tracker searches

Misc Ideas not in enhancement requests

  • overlay: add hg status column to detail view
  • overlay: add folder tooltip to show repository revision status (parents, heads, tip, ...)
  • commit: tab completion for filenames?
  • settings: Add help button or URLs on each page
  • settings: Glog author-color config: tortoisehg.authorcolor.regexp = color
  • rename: stop search buttons, better fix for #1040
  • nautilus: Look into using matchers to speed up working directory scans
  • nautilus: works wrong for a symlink to a repo?

General (long-term)