Toshi MARUYAMA avatar Toshi MARUYAMA committed 4914dae

TortoiseUtils: delete unused GetTHgProgRootA

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     return &val[0];
-std::string GetTHgProgRootA()
-    char *regname = "Software\\TortoiseHg";
-    char lpszValue[MAX_PATH] = "";
-    LONG lpcbLonger = MAX_PATH * sizeof(char);
-    if (RegQueryValueA(key, regname, lpszValue, &lpcbLonger) != ERROR_SUCCESS)
-        return "";
-    return lpszValue;
 // Start an external command
 // Note: if the command is a batch file and the [full] path to the


 #include <vector>
 std::wstring GetTHgProgRoot();
-std::string GetTHgProgRootA();
 std::wstring GetTemporaryFile(const wchar_t *prefix=L"THG");
 bool IsDirectory(const std::wstring&);
 std::wstring DirName(const std::wstring&);
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