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two updated extensions

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 Extensions/modules included in this TortoiseHg package:
     perfarce:	0db5f991a575	2011-10-27
-     keyring:	cc4cf2ad6235	2012-02-01
+     keyring:	5bb982cedad7	2012-02-21
    hgkeyring:	189f9b6aef3e	2012-01-19
      dulwich:	8c237fd9564f	2012-01-21
     iniparse:	bd83edee7300	2010-06-12
       zipdoc:	a2ca45ccfd64	2011-07-05
-    hgcr-gui:	ac2625ce7362	2011-10-10
+    hgcr-gui:	8d68b9e75151	2012-03-02
       projrc:	9098e0b089e6	2012-01-30
   python-svn:	1.6.13      	 
     pygments:	1.4         	 
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