Steve Borho avatar Steve Borho committed 29b2a62

update dulwich to 0.8.1

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 # Specify the exact revision to ship for given extension
 extversions = {
     'iniparse': 'bd83edee7300ce0a4fdddc3eddf743dc6ea98602', # 0.4
-    'dulwich' : 'ed3596b25fd1039b880c2f46cb38202a6289be95', # 0.8.0
+    'dulwich' : '9e7a00d74c8544b7bd5ccb64b127af2298fb1361', # 0.8.1
 # Extensions which require compiled C++ Python extensions
     if '+' in version:
         version, extra = version.split('+', 1)
+    if version.endswith('-rc'):
+        version = version[:-3]
     v = [int(x) for x in version.split('.')]
     while len(v) < 3:
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