Steve Borho avatar Steve Borho committed 3097f4f

generate an INI file with web.cacerts to use during installer builds

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     if '' in pp:
     env['PYTHONPATH'] = ';'.join(pp)
-    env['HGRCPATH'] = ''
+    env['HGRCPATH'] = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'build.ini')
     return env
 installenv = get_environ()
     print 'fetching cacert.pem from', URL['cacert.pem']
     contents = urllib2.urlopen(URL['cacert.pem']).read()
     file(sslcertfile, 'wb').write(contents)
+if not os.path.exists('build.ini'):
+    file('build.ini', 'wb').write('[web]\ncacerts=%s\n' % os.path.abspath(sslcertfile))
 if dopull and not onlymsi:
     run(r'hg -R ../hg pull')
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