Steve Borho  committed b076d1c

use mercurial's css stylesheet for html man pages

giving the output filename on the command line precludes the need for
using a pipe as well.

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     rst2html = os.path.dirname(sys.executable) + r'\Scripts\'
     for man in ('hg.1.txt', 'hgignore.5.txt', 'hgrc.5.txt'):
-        outfile = os.path.join('build-hg', 'doc', man[:-3]) + 'html'
-        pipetofile((sys.executable, rst2html, man), outfile, 'build-hg/doc')
+        outfile = man[:-3] + 'html'
+        run(r'python %s --link-stylesheet --stylesheet-path style.css %s %s' % (
+            rst2html, man, outfile), 'build-hg/doc')
 def build_thg(force, branch, tag):
     if force or not os.path.exists('build-thg'):