Error trying to install latest portable downloads Mercurial 1.6.2

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Hi, i'm getting a strange issue trying to use the portable version for windows. Under windows XP i get "The system cannot execute the specified program" when trying to execute the hg command from cmd.exe.

And likewize when trying to execute it, just by clicking on the hg.exe i get an error telling me to re-install the application.

The path is correctly configured and i tried as well the 6.0 and 6.1 versions with the same problems.

I used to use the portable version (1.4.3) and everything was fine. Thank you for your time.


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  1. Anonymous

    i don't get it, i downloaded the Mercurial-1.6.2.exe file and it has everything needed to use mercurial without being an administrator on the machine, right ?

  2. Olivier Girardot

    ok it looks like you're right, one computer has it and is working properly and the other one doesn't have the VC9 redistributables. But as we're not admin of the computer, is there any way to install it / make it work anyway ?

  3. Steve Borho

    Microsoft is getting more and more touchy about their redist packages. They really prefer packagers to not include those DLLs in their packages so they can distribute bug fixes for them when necessary.

    If you can find the correct CRT DLL on the one machine that works, it's possible to copy it into the Mercurial folder of the machine that doesn't work. But finding the right one is not brain-dead simple. Your best bet is getting someone who does have admin rights to install the redist. It's a harmless package on its own.

    FWIW, the InnoSetup (exe) packages are being built by another individual. I am merely hosting them here as a convenience. It's likely that in the near future all the non-tortoisehg package will begin to be hosted from itself.

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