thg-winbuild / extension-versions.txt

Extensions/modules included in this TortoiseHg package:

      hgfold:	62b16c4f4095
    hgcr-gui:	a5217ea6aba0
    perfarce:	dbdcbe5c15bb
     keyring:	0989ff921864
   hgkeyring:	5b1e5bb565da
     dulwich:	db7c0dcf5af4
    wincolor:	0f44ef9471c3
fixfrozenexts:	5cffe8493a6b
  python-svn:	1.6.6
    pygments:	1.2.2
  pyreadline:	1.5
   pyopenssl:	0.10
     pywin32:	214
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